Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Old Dover Days

Just a quick note today about my first show of the season. I was just accepted into the crafts portion of Old Dover Days, a celebration of the city of Dover on May 3rd (next Saturday). Hope you can come out for all the festivities (and to shop at my booth, of course!).

I will have my Smileville Bears, some summery wreaths & door decor, jewelry by Dawn (my sister), soft and comfy blankets, fabric book covers, and more! Also will be debuting my smiley/frowny coasters.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've been up to...

finishing several projects. Yippee. You know how much I like finishing (NOT!). But... the closer I get to my first show of the year (right now the one at the VA Hospital on June 6th), the more I have been thinking "I need to finish some of the items I have started."

So here are some pics (as most are still works in progress):

several fabric and knitted blankets

a slew of paperback book covers in various fabrics

a herd (??) of bears --- Smileville Bears, that is --- preparing to be stuffed and assembled