Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tiny scarf for charity

My church has a giving tree --- you pick an ornament, purchase the gift written on the ornament, and return it to the church. The gift goes to one of the children of a needy family in the parish. The ornament I chose said a hat, scarf, and gloves set for a 4 year old boy.

I found a hat and gloves set in navy with a pale blue stripe that were perfect, but I couldn't find a scarf. So.... I made one. I had some nice warm wool in a pale blue, and cast on 21 stitches. I knit in a mistake rib -- it looks like ribbing but there's an extra stitch so it becomes thicker than a rib, and has a nice look to it. I knit for about 2.5 feet, the bound off in pattern. Voila! A nice simple scarf for a young boy in need. :)

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