Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Playing Hooky

Well, I have certainly been playing hooky the last two days from most things involving work. Having lunch with old friends, shopping ..... Everyone needs a break SOMETIMES. :)

Although... yesterday I did begin to assemble the first in a collection of knitted stuffed bears. The bears come from SmileVille, a small place hidden deep in the forest..... They will be ready for adoption on my website at within the next two weeks. Their story will be told in parts right here as they are released, so come back to learn more about the SmileVille bears!

Aside from the bears, my main activity yesterday had nothing to do with crafts, and everything to do with a nearly decade-old dream. You see, in the late 1990s I saw a talk show whose guest was a twenty-something with pink hair. Yes, pink. ALL pink. And she was adorable! It looked so good, that I wanted to try it. However, pink hair isn't really a good idea when you have to report to work in corporate America. So I've been biding my time... and the time finally came yesterday. Now I have pink hair! And I love it! My sister took pics... I'll post some as soon as I get them from her.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Always double check your dye lot number!

Any knitter/crocheter knows how important the dye lot is in making sure your project has consistent color and look.

So, being a good knitter, I took the skein label WITH me when I went to Michael's tonight. I needed one last skein of Incredible yarn to finish my second shawl (like the one in Saturday's post, but a different color). Luckily, Michael's was not only still having their sale on Incredible, but they still had the right dye lot. I bought 2 skeins, just to be safe. Thought I was being wonderfully proactive with that move. And I managed not to walk through the rest of the store, too. Just walked in, found the yarn, paid, and walked out.

Got it home.... and here is the kicker. As I placed it in the knitting bag, I noticed another skein that looked EXACTLY like it. Same dye lot, too. Then I opened the separate bag where I have the nearly-complete shawl..... and realized THAT has a different dye lot. I bought 2 additional skeins of the wrong yarn!

Guess it's my own fault, since I purchased the Incredible yarn in about 5 different colors (I love the shawl and want to make several of them). When I pulled the label out of my knitting bag to go shopping, I must have pulled out the WRONG label. Consequently, I STILL don't have the yarn I need to finish the 2nd shawl, and I have 2 extra skeins for one I haven't even started yet!

*SIGH* That's it, I'm going to go start a 3rd, in a totally different color, and hope I don't make the same mistake twice!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pictures .. the boring part

I know my sister would have a cow if I told her that taking pictures are the boring part of having an online store. That's because Dawn is a photographer. Owns her own studio, as a matter of fact (she's incredible; I'm so proud of her! Check her out at

But as I was saying, to me the pictures are the tedious, boring part. I've learned a lot from Dawn, but not enough to make it easy for me to take good pictures. And good pictures are soooo important when they're the only visual people get of your product.

I usually try to take pictures in batches ... you know, photograph about 8 new items, then list them one every day or so until I run out of pictures and have to start over again. So today is one of those days. To top it off, I also have to take a few pictures for entry into a juried craft show. A juried craft show, if you're not familiar with the term, means that your items are judged --- by the pictures you take --- and then only some of the applicants are chosen to actually participate in the show. I have to submit my application for the March show this week, or it'll be too late!

It's looking like a busy Sunday! I know God rested on the 7th day, but I get no such luck! Hope He understands..... :)

Friday, January 26, 2007


TGIF..... Fridays are supposed to be exciting days, right? The end of the work week, date night, major league sports games, and all that good stuff. Well, when you work from home, every day is pretty much the same. I mean, I create all week long, not just Monday through Friday. And while I like Fridays 'cuz they mean my husband will be home with me for the next two days, they're otherwise not so significant. Obviously, since I'm blogging at 9:30 on a Friday night. LOL

However, I'm very excited this Friday, actually, because I just finished the first in a series of shawls I'm crocheting. This is big news, as I'm not as comfortable with crochet as with knit. But it turned out really cute, as you can see from the pics. This one features a small crocheted rosette "button" to hold left and right together... so the shawl doesn't slip off as you move around.

It was created for my store, as most everything is these days, but I think I will be donating it to a good cause. (Don't worry, if you like it, there will be more appearing at soon!).

Anyway, back to the good cause. Yesterday I learned about the tragic death of Louise Capriotti (sister of a fellow knitter from the University of Pennsylvania), and the orphaning of her two children. The family is holding a benefit event on February 10th (see for info) --- I will be donating this shawl to the silent auction.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Wow.... my first blog post EVER!

I can't believe it's taken me this long to set up a blog. Coming from my technical background, you'd think I would have embraced this new technology immediately, and have had a blog since they first appeared.

Well, think again. This is my first blog post EVER. All in the name of my new business, Smile Creations Crafts.

I opened my shop online late 2006, with the goal of selling handcrafted items (mainly home decor and clothing accessories). I quit my full-time job in October, and made Smile Creations Crafts became my full-time endeavor.

And I love it! All day long, I get to follow the creative muse, wherever she takes me. And she takes me many places, as I have many creative interests. I knit, crochet, and cross-stitch. I do a bit of sewing, and arrange silk flowers. I make gift baskets, center pieces, and door wreaths. No, I'm never bored!

I finally decided to start this blog because I really want to be able to share my works in progress, and, when it's finalized, my craft show schedule for this year. I am planning to participate in many more shows, mostly in Delaware, but maybe one or two in PA or NJ.

So......Bookmark me now. Visit me often (my goal is to post at least twice a week). Love me much.



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