Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vacations and Craft Shows

Hi! Sorry about the long, post-less week. I was blissfully away from all technology deep in the heartland of TN. It was a great vacation. As I said, free from technology and stress, but not free of knitting!!

I worked on two projects, mainly during the drive to TN and back again! One is a knit wrap for fall in soft white Skacel Sofa. The other is the crochet wrap-around cover-up for the teeny yellow green and pink bikini. I finished both and will post pics as soon as I find my camera --- I truly hate the unpacking part of vacations!!!

Also, news on then craft show front -- I have scheduled two more shows for this year:
* The first is the 2nd Annual Pinelands Folk Festival in Estelle Manor, NJ. It will be held on August 4th (that's this coming Saturday) from 10am-5pm at the Atlantic County Park on Rt 50. Admission is free.
* The second is the St. John/Holy Angels Church Craft Show in Newark, DE. It will be held on November 10th from 10am-4pm at Holy Angels Gym and Fremont Hall. Admission is free.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Free-style crochet

I have embarked on a new and interesting journey... free-style crochet. There is no pattern, not even in my head, for this new project. Just the ultimate goal of having a shawl/wrap. Each row I figure out a different crochet stitch to use. I want it to have a nice combination of solidity with airy openness.

It began with a ball of Plymouth Yarns Eros, a pretty ladder ribbon yarn in blues/greens which was a free gift at the WWKIP Day last month. I attempted to create a poncho with this yarn using the pattern that was gifted with it. However, I had a doozy of a time trying to knit with this ribbon, I guess because the pattern called for quite a few yarn overs, and it's difficult enough to knit in the proper places with the ladder, let alone with several loops of it all smooshed together on the needles.

So I thought, "Self, why don't you see if you can crochet with it?" And since crochet uses up more yarn than knit, I thought it would be a good idea to add other yarns to the mix. And so my cool colors free-style wrap was born. I added minty green Filtes SAS Kim yarn and some royal blue shiny cord/ribbon yarn (not sure what it is; it was an unlabeled part of the stash gifted to our knitting group). The contrast of colors is really pretty neat, and I'm pleased so far, but I won't be able to tell if it's really worked out until I'm done.

So far it's 53" -- which is just about as long as I'd hoped. I began with the green, then went into Eros, and just now started a row (or two, who knows?) of the royal blue. This is how it looks so far:

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hi, I'm Tiffany Bear...

I live in Smileville. You've heard of it, right? It's like the prettiest place in all of bear world. Or it sure feels like it! My daddy is a lawyer bear, and ...

Oh, wait. I'm getting ahead of myself again, aren't I? We haven't even really met yet. Sorry; I'll start again.

Hi. I'm Tiffany Bear. Bradford Bear (you've already met him) is my big brother. He's not so bad as far as big brothers go. We live in Smileville, which is deep in a forest, with our mom and dad bear. Every day we walk from our den to the Bear Bash Play Club. It's really fun; we play games and learn to find berries and eat honey without making a mess.

Like I said earlier, our daddy is a lawyer bear. He calls me his little princess. Sometimes for fun I wear a crown at home, like a princess. But usually it gets in the way when I play. Mommy made this headband for me instead, and every morning I put a pretty flower in the top, see?

Say, you look like a lot of fun! Maybe we can play together sometime? Or you could adopt me, an we can play all the time! If you want to take me home with you, please click here to visit the Smile Creations Crafts store online.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wreaths... and yarn in the heat

Since it was blazing hot here in DE yesterday, I decided to put away the yarn and work on door wreaths.

I had received a custom order for two wreaths to match some silk house flags, and worked first on finishing those. Here they are, each with the flag they're to match. The wreaths are basically the same (they had to be since they'll both be up at the same time), but the bows are different colors and designs, and placed differently.

Then I thought I'd work on some wreaths that I had planning out awhile back, but never actually assembled. However, despite the heat, the call of yarn was too strong to resist, and I knitted anyway. I spent some time on the raspberry Silky Look bandeau top I've had in the works for awhile and got it nearly done. All that's left now is the finishing (uh-oh!).

I truly seem to work in spurts... I'll prepare a project, but then get bored of all the prep work (or finishing work, as is the case for some knit/crochet) and put it aside until I'm in the mood for it again. *sigh* Is there a 12-step program for procrastination? LOL

Also, I found (or re-found, as I knew of it before, but lost the URL) the blog site for Keet, a fellow local artist like me who has items currently on display at the Curiosity Shoppe. You should check her out if you get a chance -- she makes really nice quilts and whimsical framed mini-quilts.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Update on Summer 2007 knitting goals

Well, a winner was chosen in Skeins Her Way's knitting goals 2007 contest, and it wasn't me (congrats to the lucky winner!).

But, the contest has served it's purpose for me --- I have already completed the first two of my knitting goals. 1) Finish my first pair of socks --- I did that (see them here) and I've actually started another pair! and 2) Finish the raspberry-colored bandeau/tube top (it turned out very cute. It's blocking now; I'll share the pic when it's dry). I think that despite my promise to knit for myself, the raspberry top will become part of the Smile Creations Crafts inventory. Someday I will knit for me, I promise. But not right now; I feel my time would be better spent preparing items for my business.

Anyway, so as for the goals, I only have one more month of summer (maybe 2 if you could September since it stays hot), and 5 goals to go! I'd better get working!! :)

Time flies...

when you have two festivals in one week!!

I think I've finally recovered from having a booth at the Blueberry Festival (Hammonton, NJ) on July 1 and then having a booth at Liberty Day (Newark, DE) on July 4. Two cities, two festivals, same great Smile Creations Crafts.

Ok, I'm being silly. But in all seriousness, I can't believe it's the middle of the summer already. My crochet beaded halter tops made their debut at the Liberty Day Festival, and later as we were closing up that night, I had the horrible realization that it's time to start knitting and crocheting for fall!! So I guess it's on to shawls and wraps and tops with sleeves I go!

Any fave patterns for fall knit/crochet? Share 'em with me! I'd love to see what others are working on now!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Blueberry Cannolis

You may ask what blueberry cannolis have to do with Smile Creations Crafts, my website, or anything crafty. The answer is: NOTHING!

However, yesterday I had a booth at the Hammonton Red White & Blueberry Festival in Hammonton, NJ (the blueberry capital of the world!). It was a GREAT event -- the weather was sunny and perfect (and not too hot), there were TONS of people in attendance, and they were selling the YUMMIEST blueberry cannolis!! And that's what blueberry cannolis have to do with it. :)

In crafty news, I will also have a booth at Newark, DE's Liberty Day celebration on July 4, and hope to see you there. I also pray for good weather; I am hearing some nasty rumors about increased humidity causing thunderstorms.

I am putting the finishing touches on some new, never been sold at Smile Creations Crafts items for the event, including a cute little teeny-bikini, and some beaded halter tops. Here is an example of the halter tops.