Monday, October 22, 2007

I saw the Yarn Harlot!

The Yarn Harlot, also known as Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (or maybe that should be reversed...), spoke and signed books at the Borders in Marlton, NJ on Friday night. YarnMama and I stopped to listen on our way to Cape May for a knitting retreat weekend with friends. No, it wasn't really "o the way" but who cares, it was the YARN HARLOT for goodness sakes!!

She was wonderful, despite having a cold and a horrible cab ride over to the Borders. Of course she brought THE SOCK. Somehow, in spite of having sat in the front row for this very reason, she missed getting me in the photograph with her sock. She got YarnMama, and another woman who had been sitting on my other side, but not me (only my red and white striped sleeves, which you can see in pics 2 and 3 if you stare really closely).

However, I forgive her. She let me hold her sock, and she held mine (and YarnMama's, too).

Thank you, Stephanie, for coming to NJ!!!


vbjenn said...

What fun!!! Hope that you had a ball!

Sarah R said...

Sounds like a good time! I'm glad you guys got to go up to Cape May again, I heard good stories from last time. Ah, if only I didn't live in a knitting wasteland ...