Sunday, February 10, 2008

Well-traveled bears living in Smileville....

Well, the rumors are true. There are bears from far and wide traveling to live in Smileville!

Mac and Lani hail from distant places in the western US. These two adorable bears have become fast friends as they share their exotic experiences, and their nostalgia for friends back home.

Mac, a deep blue bear, sports a winter white scarf all year round. It reminds him of the cold Alaskan days, living in a land covered in snow year-round. Until he moved to Smileville, he never jumped in the ocean without feeling very very cold! Now he swims as much as his Momma and Poppa bear will let him, in the lake at Smileville.

Lani, whose "fur" is a turquoise blue with hints of yellow, misses the warm sunny days in Hawaii. Her lei of white flowers was given to her by friends before she left the oceanic island paradise. She misses Hawaii, but is a very adventurous bear and is enjoying all her new experiences in Smileville. She was very excited when a few weeks ago she got to see (and taste) her first snow!

Both these bears would love to go home with a new forever-friend. If you'd like Mac, Lani, or one of their new-found friends at Bear Bash to come home with you or someone special, visit the Smileville Bear section of my website, or send me a bear request via email.

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