Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stitches East Conference

Lately it seems like time is constantly taking me by surprise. I looked at my calendar and realized that Stitches East is only 8 days away! Road trip to Baltimore with two friends, a night away from home to relax and knit, and tons and tons of YARN -- I can't wait!!!!!

I'll be taking only one class this year... an introduction to the Brioche stitch. I am a little nervous about it, especially since every time I've read anything about that stitch, it usually involves dire warnings about how difficult it is. But it's pretty, and I want to try. My grandfather said you need to learn one new thing every day --- I've decided that Brioche can be my thing for Nov 7th.

Of course I'll be headed to check out the Marketplace, too. There are a few vendors I'd like to return to from last year, despite the fact that I haven't yet used all my yarn purchased at last year's Stitches. Hey, that's what "stash" is about, right? Buying the perfect yarns when you see them, then waiting for the skeins and hanks to speak to you, and tell you just what project they'd complete perfectly. Besides, the call of all that pretty yarn is just irresistible!!!

Are you going to Stitches? What classes are you taking? Are you going to look for anything in particular from the Marketplace?

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Anonymous said...


Hopey you have a fabulous time at stitches east.

I see you will be at the OBL vendor fair again this year---that's great! I will be sorry to miss you. It's my dad's birthday and the first anniversary of his death so I'll be with my mom. I will be represented by my chocolate chip cookies however so you might want to try some out.

I hope you have a good night at the vendor fair and that we see you at Potluck or Panera again sometime soon.