Thursday, April 23, 2009

New online knitting resources

I've just discovered -- with the help of a few fellow bloggers and the wonderful Stumble! button in Firefox, 3 new knitting sites that I wanted to share.

Knitch - this new (first issue was Winter 2008/2009) online knitting magazine created by Yarnmarket LLC has some promise. There are a handful of free patterns in each issue, along with book reviews, a how-to, and articles on topics ranging from charity knitting to color trends. They also feature a regular poll on their website. The current topic is whether or not knitters are knitting from stash or buying more yarn (me? I'm doing a little of both, leaning more toward stash whenever possible).

Verena Knitting - a new (since summer 2008) knitting magazine out of Europe. So far I like the patterns in this magazine. They offer free patterns on their website (you have to register to access them) and lots of extras for subscribers.

Knotions - this one is my favorite. Much like the Knitch, this site offers free patterns monthly, book and product reviews, and engaging articles. I think what grabs me better with Knotions is the layout. The site is pleasant and easy on the eyes. The site is laid-out in an easy-find fashion; the important stuff jumps out at you. Also the pictures that accompany the patterns are terrific -- bright and crisp and nearly touchable.

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