Thursday, April 30, 2009

OMG -- endless smilies!!!

You would think that a blog called The Smile Spot, for a business named Smile Creations Crafts, would be unquestionably all about smileys.

And I am. Don't get me wrong, I still adore the little round cheery faces.

But if you knit with me in the Tuesday night knitting group, you will recall that I was rather sick of crocheting them. After 16 sets of yellow smiley coasters in about 6 weeks, I was crochet-smiley'd out. It was a scary realization, actually, and made me question my smily-ness.

So I have remedied my anti-smiley sentiment . . . with a rainbow of smiling coasters! Smiley cotton coasters are back in my life (and my shop!) and better than ever in a rainbow of bright happy colors! Yellow (yes, I had to make a few), red, pink, blue, lime, purple. And instead of dictating what type of smiley day YOU'RE having, I offer you the choice. Now when you purchase a set of smiley coasters, you can customize your set by selecting which colors you want included. Same price, new options. A nice way to start the summer, don't you think?

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