Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Since I learned that a very special woman was pregnant, I've been working on crocheting a stuffed alligator for the baby. I chose an alligator, because I learned the baby was expected around the same time an alligator attacked a police car in the south. I showed the YouTube video to this special woman, and she immediately said that the alligator wanted to be a police-gator.... and I asked "So what would his handler say? Sic 'em, Chompy?!" Perhaps you had to be there, but it was truly funny to us, and so Chompy was born.

Now I will admit that my least-favorite part of knitting and crocheting is the assembly. All of Chompy's parts have been completed for the last month or so, but I was dragging my feet on putting him together (baby's due in January, so that made procrastination easy). However, a few days ago I told myself that was it, I was tired of stepping over his project bag, and so I finished! And I love the way the little (about 19" long!) guy turned out.

Here, to share with you, are some pictures. Enjoy!

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