Monday, June 11, 2007

Stitches East Conference 2007

Knitting Universe sponsors many wonderful learning events for knitters, including the "Stitches" series of classes & yarn shopping. Stitches East is in Baltimore, MD this year in October. I attended just the yarn market part two years ago, and really had a great time. This year, since I work with yarn full time, I thought I should take advantage of the classes, too.

Thanks to YarnMama for urging me to register today; about half the classes are already sold out! If you are wanting to attend, you'd better pick your classes and register soon. They have deals with several nearby hotels and those are half booked up already (mainly for Friday night) too. I called just in time to take the last spot in two classes, and catch two more still open. I have a full 4-class schedule, which sounds like a lot of work, but I'm really looking forward to it. And yes, of course I've left enough time to shop! Thursday afternoon is for scoping out the market with my mom, and Saturday afternoon is for shopping with my friend YarnMama from the Newark knitters!

These are the classes I signed up to take:
(Friday morning) Rolled Endings with Ruth Lantz -- all about the various bind-offs and when to use them
(Friday afternoon) Intro to Entrelac with Margaret Fisher -- this is so that I can complete one of my summer goals (albeit a little late): to knit a shrug for my sister
(Saturday morning) Build a Better Bag with Gwen Bortner -- I love knitted bags and I want to learn to make them even better
(Sunday morning) Shaping Shawls: Triangles and Trapezoids with Joan Shrouder -- I want to clear up the mystery of how and where to put increases/decreases to make shawls fit and drape correctly

The one class I missed out on is Art of Knitting Backwards with Candace Eisner-Strick. I am bummed about that, but on the flip side, that gives me Thursday afternoon to tourist Baltimore and the Yarn Market with my Mom. Anyone have any resources they can point me toward to learn knitting backwards on my own?

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Toasted Almond aka Cath said...

Thanks for the invitation at my BBQ to join you at Stiches. Unfortunately, Rhiannon is gettin married that wkend so I'm off to Vegas. Have fun and I will do the same.