Friday, June 8, 2007

Teeny tiny yellow, green, and pink bikini!

Now that I feel as though I have the socks under control (somewhat anyway), I have a new project to share. My newest project is a string bikini crocheted of Katia Jamaica yarn.
I found this 100% cotton yarn at Stitches with Style (who just happens to be the sponsor for the Newark, DE meeting of WWKIP Day knitters TOMORROW!!!).

Katia Jamaica is a variegated color yarn; the one I chose goes from fluorescent yellow to kelly green to carnation to fuchsia, and back again. The perfect combo for a "look at me" type of bikini, I thought. For a 100% cotton yarn, which I always find a bit rough, this is very very soft (kinda necessary for a bikini). It is about 10-stranded, though, so is prone to splitting.

Take a look at the bottom so far (it's upside down; sorry). It is crocheted from back to front. I think it will take about 1.5 balls of Jamaica, and then I plan to use the rest of the yarn to crochet a little sarong-style cover-up to go with it.

One question I seem to be getting a lot in reference to this project is whether or not I'm going to line it. What do you think? To line, or not to line? Let me know!

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reluctantMANGO said...

I vote for a lining in something stretchy :) Just to keep the bits and pieces in check!

I had a lot of fun at WWKIP day with you and the rest of the group! Thanks so much for getting us all excited about it. Oh, and I got your email about the Ravelry screenshots - how cool is that!?!?