Friday, January 26, 2007


TGIF..... Fridays are supposed to be exciting days, right? The end of the work week, date night, major league sports games, and all that good stuff. Well, when you work from home, every day is pretty much the same. I mean, I create all week long, not just Monday through Friday. And while I like Fridays 'cuz they mean my husband will be home with me for the next two days, they're otherwise not so significant. Obviously, since I'm blogging at 9:30 on a Friday night. LOL

However, I'm very excited this Friday, actually, because I just finished the first in a series of shawls I'm crocheting. This is big news, as I'm not as comfortable with crochet as with knit. But it turned out really cute, as you can see from the pics. This one features a small crocheted rosette "button" to hold left and right together... so the shawl doesn't slip off as you move around.

It was created for my store, as most everything is these days, but I think I will be donating it to a good cause. (Don't worry, if you like it, there will be more appearing at soon!).

Anyway, back to the good cause. Yesterday I learned about the tragic death of Louise Capriotti (sister of a fellow knitter from the University of Pennsylvania), and the orphaning of her two children. The family is holding a benefit event on February 10th (see for info) --- I will be donating this shawl to the silent auction.

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