Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Playing Hooky

Well, I have certainly been playing hooky the last two days from most things involving work. Having lunch with old friends, shopping ..... Everyone needs a break SOMETIMES. :)

Although... yesterday I did begin to assemble the first in a collection of knitted stuffed bears. The bears come from SmileVille, a small place hidden deep in the forest..... They will be ready for adoption on my website at within the next two weeks. Their story will be told in parts right here as they are released, so come back to learn more about the SmileVille bears!

Aside from the bears, my main activity yesterday had nothing to do with crafts, and everything to do with a nearly decade-old dream. You see, in the late 1990s I saw a talk show whose guest was a twenty-something with pink hair. Yes, pink. ALL pink. And she was adorable! It looked so good, that I wanted to try it. However, pink hair isn't really a good idea when you have to report to work in corporate America. So I've been biding my time... and the time finally came yesterday. Now I have pink hair! And I love it! My sister took pics... I'll post some as soon as I get them from her.


Yarn Mama... said...

Oh My Gosh. You did it! You totally have to post pictures since I can't see you tomorrow!

:)SmileCreator said...

I can't.... I am very bummed, but the color didn't stay NEARLY as long as was promised! :(
My sister took pics that day; I will post one as soon as she sends them to me.