Monday, January 29, 2007

Always double check your dye lot number!

Any knitter/crocheter knows how important the dye lot is in making sure your project has consistent color and look.

So, being a good knitter, I took the skein label WITH me when I went to Michael's tonight. I needed one last skein of Incredible yarn to finish my second shawl (like the one in Saturday's post, but a different color). Luckily, Michael's was not only still having their sale on Incredible, but they still had the right dye lot. I bought 2 skeins, just to be safe. Thought I was being wonderfully proactive with that move. And I managed not to walk through the rest of the store, too. Just walked in, found the yarn, paid, and walked out.

Got it home.... and here is the kicker. As I placed it in the knitting bag, I noticed another skein that looked EXACTLY like it. Same dye lot, too. Then I opened the separate bag where I have the nearly-complete shawl..... and realized THAT has a different dye lot. I bought 2 additional skeins of the wrong yarn!

Guess it's my own fault, since I purchased the Incredible yarn in about 5 different colors (I love the shawl and want to make several of them). When I pulled the label out of my knitting bag to go shopping, I must have pulled out the WRONG label. Consequently, I STILL don't have the yarn I need to finish the 2nd shawl, and I have 2 extra skeins for one I haven't even started yet!

*SIGH* That's it, I'm going to go start a 3rd, in a totally different color, and hope I don't make the same mistake twice!

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