Thursday, January 10, 2008

Heeeeeere's Rupert!

Say hello to Rupert Bear, the musically inclined toddler in Smileville. When he was just a tiny cub, he loved to find sticks and rocks and use them to "play music" on his momma bear's pots and pans. She tried to find another toy that he liked that was quieter, but nothing seemed to keep him as happy as making noise.

Just last Christmas, she gave in and got Rupert his very own drum! He is so happy! It's the perfect size to carry with him to Bear Bash (the daycamp for baby bears in Smileville), so he doesn't have to hunt for sticks and rocks anymore. The best days are when the teacher bear at Bear Bash lets him play music for all his friends after lunch!

If you'd like Rupert (or one of his other friends at Bear Bash) to come home with you or someone special, visit the Smileville Bear section of my website, or send me a bear request via email.

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