Sunday, January 6, 2008

Learn something every day

My grandfather shared that wisdom with my sister and I when we were very little -- that you should learn something every day to stay young and fresh and continue growing all your life. As I get older, I tend to notice more that I am still learning every day and I marvel at it, especially the lessons that find you when you least expect them. Sometimes silly trivia, sometimes earth-shattering truths, it doesn't matter as long as you learn.

Today what I learned falls more into "hey, that's convenient to know" and so I thought I'd share. I was paging through a jewelry design book of my sister's (as you may or may not know, she designs and creates all the jewelry that I sell at Smile Creations Crafts) and found a little chart tucked at the bottom of a page --- a chart all about the lengths of necklaces.

Personally, I know what a choker is, and that's about it. Sure I measure and dutifully note the length of every piece she gives me to sell (and post it with the online entry for the piece), but I can never visualize where it will fall on a person until I actually put it on. But even still I have difficulty with how to describe to someone else where it falls on me?

This chart helps soo much with that!! And so, with thanks to Crocheted Wire and Bead Jewelry, here is a condensed, Patience version of what I learned today from that chart:
There are 7 basic acknowledged lengths of necklaces.
* Collar -- 12-13" -- multiple strands worn snugly around the neck
* Choker -- 14-16" -- slightly looser than collar; sits just above the collarbone
* Princess -- 17-19" -- sits slightly below collarbone; looks great with high necklines
* Matinee -- 20-23" -- fits into the "V" of most V-neck shirts; hits high on the breastbone
* Opera -- 28-34" -- hangs into the cleavage; can be doubled for choker
* Rope -- 40-45" -- versatile (I like to double it, with one loop like a choker and the other hanging more like a matinee length necklace)
* Lariat -- 48" or more -- ends are left unattached for knotting or to be wrapped around the neck

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