Sunday, January 13, 2008

To Teach or Not to Teach

That may seem a strange question given my post from Sunday about how important it is to learn something new every day. However, I'm asking anyway. During the past 6 months, I've had a handful of people approach me to ask about knitting lessons. I had never before considered it, although I have taught before and am confident I could successfully help others discover how wonderful knitting is.

It's something I'm seriously considering now for the new year, but I'd like your input. If I offered the following package for a set fee, would you take the knitting lessons? If not, what would you change?
*four one-hour-long sessions (one each week for a month)
*a book (that includes some how-to as well as a few starter patterns)
*needles and yarn for two small projects
*two help-me sessions during the month (a few hours where I'd be available for extra help if anyone needed it)

Please take a second & click here to complete my short survey about offering a knitting class. Even if you already know how to knit, I'm interested in your thoughts on this idea! As an extra incentive, I'll select one lucky respondent to receive a coupon for 15% off any item in my online shop! The coupon winner will be chosen on January 27th, when I close the survey.

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Yarn Mama... said...

I think what you're offering is good, except I would limit the help me sessions to an hour. You can also suggest our knitting group as a way for them to stop by and get pointers. If you would like help initially please let me know. Or with trying to choose a book for the class. I can also help if you get bigger groups. I think that would be fun! :)