Monday, January 21, 2008

NEW!! Hand-crafted wooden yarn swifts

A while back, I asked my dad to create for me my own yarn swift. I have lots of lovely skeins of yarn and my hand was getting tired winding them into balls. So.... my dad (who is an engineering genius and loves tinkering with projects like that) managed to come up with a great yarn swift!

It's made of wood and sits on a small turntable which spins on steel ball bearings. The eight arms each have several dowel holes drilled into them to make the swift very customizable --- it'll accommodate skeins of yarn from 40" up to 104".

Here is the flyer that I've put together to show the swift and how it adjusts & disassembles. If you're interested in ordering a swift for yourself, you can email me at or visit Stitches with Style in Newark.

* Please be aware that it can take 6-8 weeks for delivery of your swift as each one is created by hand upon receipt of the order.

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Sarah R said...

What a great idea! Your dad sure is talented!