Saturday, February 3, 2007

I want YOUR opinion!

I have been steadily working on the crochet shawls and completed three more. No, I haven't photographed them yet; I'm waiting for life to slow down a bit as the last few days have been nuts. Maybe I'll ask my husband to take a few pictures of me modeling them tomorrow. They look ok on skirt hangars as far as color and pattern goes, but the hangar is not so hot as showing off size, which is important since I created three basic sizes: small, medium, and large.

Now, about the feedback I'm requesting. I recently knitted a thong (yes, a thong!) from really soft cotton/elastic yarn (Cascade Fixation... yummy stuff!) I threaded ribbon through eyelet holes around the top; the ribbon ties in a bow in the front, so the sizing is truly adjustable from about a 4-5 to an 8-9 (I'm in the middle of that range, and it fits fine). I was a little worried about how comfy it would be since I don't like how most 100% cotton yarns feel, but lemme tell you, this one is nice! And since it's 97% cotton and 3% elastic, the finished piece has some nice give.

So now that I've described my new product idea..... I want to know what you think! Vote below now.

Should I sell knit thongs in my store?
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reluctantMANGO said...

Totally sell them! Valentine's day is coming up!!!