Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Artist's reception at the Curiosity Shoppe Friday May 25th

I took a few pics with my cell phone during the lovely opening reception that Curiosity Shoppe held on Friday night for all the artists in this rotation. There were at least 18 of the artists in attendance, plus friends and family. The Curiosity Shoppe had two bands to play; one got shut down fast because they were playing on the outside landing/stoop of the shop and the Phila police said we were creating a public disturbance. But the other band, a male/female duo, played inside and were great! It was a really nice party that went on for quite some time. Dan and I had to leave around 11:30pm, but it was still going strong when we left.

Back to showing you the pics. They are a little fuzzy -- my cell phone doesn't do pics so well inside at night -- but you can see my Smileville Bears and some purses being displayed. The jewelry wasn't photographable as it's all displayed beautifully in glass cases, and for some reason, the pic I took of my crochet shawls on the mannequin came out all black. :(

Here are my bears (Da-lee, Lani, Oliver, Rupert, Sally, and Gramps) sitting on a vintage dresser below a mirror and two funky paintings.

Purses are all displayed on one large rack that has bars sticking out in all directions. Obviously, purses are a popular item to be making now as the rack was full of purses from many different artists. But below you can see my purple fringed bag (it's on the right side of the left pic) and my green bag (front and center of the right pic). They are both fashioned from toddler pants... so cute, if I do say so myself! :)

Other artists had done paintings, line drawings, fabric arts (hanging quilts, etc), jewelry, cards, magnets, and much more! Stop by the shop and check it out if you're in the area of 4th St. and South St. in Philadelphia!

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