Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New artist rotation at the Curiosity Shoppe -- and I'm in it!

This post isn't really about a craft show, but it has to do with my schedule just the same.

See, just off South Street (on 4th St) in Philadelphia, PA, there is a cute little shop called the Curiosity Shoppe. Every other month, they select about 30 artists from the local area to feature in the front portion of their store.

And my work will be in that store beginning on May 25th (Friday!) until the end of July. I just met with one of the owners today, and dropped off some of my items. Please, if you are in the area, stop by the shop and look around! Peter and Hannah (the owners) are doing a wonderful thing by giving us artists a place to show our work.

Some of the items I have in the rotation are:
Smileville Bears
Crochet shawls (such as the one in this post that I donated to a benefit auction)
Funky jewelry (kinda like this, with shells and edgy designs)
Crochet flower pins (like the ones I showed in this post)
Paperback book covers

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Yarn Mama... said...

What wonderful news! We're totally siked for you!