Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wreaths... and yarn in the heat

Since it was blazing hot here in DE yesterday, I decided to put away the yarn and work on door wreaths.

I had received a custom order for two wreaths to match some silk house flags, and worked first on finishing those. Here they are, each with the flag they're to match. The wreaths are basically the same (they had to be since they'll both be up at the same time), but the bows are different colors and designs, and placed differently.

Then I thought I'd work on some wreaths that I had planning out awhile back, but never actually assembled. However, despite the heat, the call of yarn was too strong to resist, and I knitted anyway. I spent some time on the raspberry Silky Look bandeau top I've had in the works for awhile and got it nearly done. All that's left now is the finishing (uh-oh!).

I truly seem to work in spurts... I'll prepare a project, but then get bored of all the prep work (or finishing work, as is the case for some knit/crochet) and put it aside until I'm in the mood for it again. *sigh* Is there a 12-step program for procrastination? LOL

Also, I found (or re-found, as I knew of it before, but lost the URL) the blog site for Keet, a fellow local artist like me who has items currently on display at the Curiosity Shoppe. You should check her out if you get a chance -- she makes really nice quilts and whimsical framed mini-quilts.

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Yarn Mama... said...

Thanks again! You did a great job. Even the hubby likes them. Also my mom-in-law was very impressed.