Saturday, July 7, 2007

Update on Summer 2007 knitting goals

Well, a winner was chosen in Skeins Her Way's knitting goals 2007 contest, and it wasn't me (congrats to the lucky winner!).

But, the contest has served it's purpose for me --- I have already completed the first two of my knitting goals. 1) Finish my first pair of socks --- I did that (see them here) and I've actually started another pair! and 2) Finish the raspberry-colored bandeau/tube top (it turned out very cute. It's blocking now; I'll share the pic when it's dry). I think that despite my promise to knit for myself, the raspberry top will become part of the Smile Creations Crafts inventory. Someday I will knit for me, I promise. But not right now; I feel my time would be better spent preparing items for my business.

Anyway, so as for the goals, I only have one more month of summer (maybe 2 if you could September since it stays hot), and 5 goals to go! I'd better get working!! :)

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