Monday, July 16, 2007

Free-style crochet

I have embarked on a new and interesting journey... free-style crochet. There is no pattern, not even in my head, for this new project. Just the ultimate goal of having a shawl/wrap. Each row I figure out a different crochet stitch to use. I want it to have a nice combination of solidity with airy openness.

It began with a ball of Plymouth Yarns Eros, a pretty ladder ribbon yarn in blues/greens which was a free gift at the WWKIP Day last month. I attempted to create a poncho with this yarn using the pattern that was gifted with it. However, I had a doozy of a time trying to knit with this ribbon, I guess because the pattern called for quite a few yarn overs, and it's difficult enough to knit in the proper places with the ladder, let alone with several loops of it all smooshed together on the needles.

So I thought, "Self, why don't you see if you can crochet with it?" And since crochet uses up more yarn than knit, I thought it would be a good idea to add other yarns to the mix. And so my cool colors free-style wrap was born. I added minty green Filtes SAS Kim yarn and some royal blue shiny cord/ribbon yarn (not sure what it is; it was an unlabeled part of the stash gifted to our knitting group). The contrast of colors is really pretty neat, and I'm pleased so far, but I won't be able to tell if it's really worked out until I'm done.

So far it's 53" -- which is just about as long as I'd hoped. I began with the green, then went into Eros, and just now started a row (or two, who knows?) of the royal blue. This is how it looks so far:

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