Saturday, February 17, 2007

Craft Show Displays

This afternoon my husband went with me to the new Lowes that just opened on Marrows Road in Newark. We're so excited --- it's a lot closer to us than the one in Bear, and we like Lowes much better than Home Depot (we had a BAD experience with them last summer while re-doing our upstairs bathroom -- don't even ask!).

I'm, sure you're wondering what this has to do with Smile Creations Crafts. Well, we were buying supplies to spruce up some of my display units. My man worked hard on some folding display stabilizers, and I spent a very cold hour and half on our patio painting a clear protective coat on my little blue corner shelf. I adore that shelf! It's just so cute and eye-catchingly electric blue! With 5 shelves, it's pretty versatile, too. Next project is to sand and re-finish the desk and chair that I use to write out invoices and wrap purchased items. Maybe I'll wait for a warmer day, or at least start when the sun is high, rather than on it's way down. :)

Yesterday was fun, too, and not cold at all. My Mom and Dad both came to spend the day with me, since Dad had the day off. Mom and I worked on more book covers. We kinda worked it "production line" style: she ironed, I stitched the first seam, she pinned, I stitched the second and third seams. We are well on the way to having plenty of book covers for my show in March!

Oh, and yes, Dad was busy all day, too ... as the official fabric cutter. I asked him to measure and cut fabric for a tablecloth for my dining room (yes,totally personal "use" of free labor!). And then he cut some placemats and their backings for the store.

The funniest (and most annoying thing) was that when my parents left, my sewing machine decided it had had enough, and quit working! I guess we ALL hit a wall sometime!

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Yarn Mama... said...

I'll definitely come to a show to see those great stands!
It also make me want to spruce up my craft room with some snazzy crates, shelves, whatever...something fun!! And something that will display my yarn that won't let it get dusty.
Can't wait to see the pink do!