Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Video" on MySpace

Sad to say, but MySpace is like Greek to me. I created a MySpace profile recently, since so many people visit there so often. But I am struggling with how to make it work for me. Heck, I'm struggling with how to make it work, period! But, I'm there:

The reason I bring it up is that I discovered how to create a "video" that I can post on MySpace. A site called "RockYou!" lets you upload pics and put them in whatever order you want, and then animates them like a video. Just like the one I created below. It's definately a rough draft. I really want one that's longer, highlights more of the items in my store, and maybe it a bit fancier. But for now, I thought it was cool, and thought I'd share.

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