Monday, February 5, 2007

A day to finish projects-in-process

Today my husband stayed at home with a strained back. No fun. But while he laid in bed and tried to relax, I sat in my "office" and worked on completing some projects-in-process. Nothing is as satisfying as looking over your area several hours later, and seeing finished products where bits and pieces had so recently been scattered.

What did I finish, you ask? Well, many things requiring my sewing machine, which had to be dug out from under the bags of yarn I have purchased this past few weeks (yes, I've been going yarn crazy again!).

I worked on:
A blanket that features a cross-stitch sampler in the middle
A set of four reversible placemats
A knitted snow woman
Several fabric blocks (like this one already in my store)
A pillow made from sunflower fabric
A teeny-tiny bowtie (this means the first of the Smileville Bears is nearly ready!!)

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