Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My first cables

I finally got around to beginning the newsboy hat for my friend/former-colleague. I chose to work with the Moda Dea yarn first, since I think it's more of the royal purple she is hoping for.

The brim is done (it's a 1x1 rib for about 1.25"), and I added a strand of clear elastic thread to make it a little more snug. The rest of the hat involves cables, which I haven't done before. I've watched, and been taught, and the concept sounds really simple --- knit a specific number of stitches out of order.

I completed the first cable last night. It was very very slow going (it kinda felt as though it took me just as long to do one cable as it did to knit/purl the three rounds leading up to it!), but I did it! I'm so very proud. I don't know if you can really see the cable in this photo (I'm having a BAD photography day!), but it's there, right next to where the needles cross in the photo below.

Thank you to my UPenn knitting pals, who taught me to cable; heck, who taught me to knit!

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