Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Craft Show countdown continues. . .

Busy, busy. There is still much to be done!

My attempts to buy a silk/material flag for my booth this weekend have finally gone bust. I was hoping to have a custom flag with my logo on it.... it would be more visible throughout the craft show floor, I think, than just an ordinary paper/printed sign. However, such is not to be, at least not this time. As a last resort, I visited a flag place in Newport, DE today. The owner (rather crotchety, if I may say so) indicated that contrary to public understanding, he does not create the flags in house, and that most take at least 3 weeks to deliver. Bummer. So my main task for tomorrow is to create a booth sign, as well as the other pricing and general signs I need for the show this weekend.

I was successful, however, in purchasing some custom imprinted pens to give away at my booth. They write really well; I love the sample one that I rec'd in the mail a few weeks ago. They are red, and have happy faces all over. Fairly apropos, I thought. I hope they arrive by Friday!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I will also be heading to NJ, to celebrate my sister's birthday. I won't say which one, only that it's kinda momentous, and big sister must be there. :)

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