Friday, March 23, 2007

Last minute details

Table covers and decorative baskets, plenty of change, and a lunch. Just a few of the last minute details I need to work out today.

Tonight Dan and I will go set up my booth at the Bob Carpenter Center for tomorrow/Sunday's show. We have about 2.5 hours to set up all the display furniture. Then I'll return tomorrow morning -- EARLY -- to actually set out the items. I am very excited. I have seen billboards on all the major highways.... Rte 2, Rte 4, Rte 95.... I hope there is a huge crowd at the show tomorrow.

The last thing I'll do tonight is take down my Etsy store. Not permanently; only for the next two days. I wouldn't want someone to buy online the item that I had just sold at the show!! So for the next two days, the showcase of my Etsy items that usually appears on the right hand column of my blog will be empty. But remember, it's ONLY because I have many of the items at my show!

I hope to see you at the show this weekend! If you can't make it, wish me luck, and stay tuned as I'll post pics and news from the show early next week (once I've recovered from tons of adrenaline and a serious lack of sleep!). :)

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