Monday, March 12, 2007


Today is so beautiful outside, that I decided it was finally time to finish some door wreaths. I love to use real pine cones in my wreaths, which means sitting outside with a bucket of water so I can get said cones into the actual wreath frames. It was so nice to sit outside for awhile... the birds were singing happily, and my cat was thrilled to sit at the porch window, alternately staring and me and the myriad of birds.

The downside to this otherwise happy picture is becoming covered with sticky sap as I push the pine cones into the wreath frames. That, and the not-so-pleasant smell that results from bakeing them to achieve a deep chestnut-y color and sap-glaze shine. Today I got the added pleasure of burning my wrist as I was removing a wreath from the oven. :( I hope that's not an omen for the week.... I have much to do and so little time!

Oh well. Now I have numerous beautiful wreaths all ready to embellish later this week.

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