Saturday, March 24, 2007

Smileville Bears make their public debut

Today was the first day of the Handcraft Unlimited Craft Show at the Bob Carpenter Center in Newark, DE. The weather outside was frightful (rainy and generally gross), but inside was so delightful. There were lots of people, and fellow vendors were friendly. It was a long day, though, and I'm ready to retire for the night.

Before I do so, however, I wanted to give the newest of the Smileville Bears their "coming out," so to speak. Seven bears joined Bradford Bear in Smileville: Tiffany, Da-lee, Tootsie, Toby, Moe, and Gramps. Next week I'll be creating a special section here on my blog just for pictures and stories of the little bears. For now, I hope you'll accept my apology for simply posting a picture of each, and a brief bio statement.

Tiffany is Bradford Bear's little sister. She likes to play dress-up, and always wears cute headbands and flowers.

Da-lee is an artist. She loves to paint, and comes with her own paint palette.

Tootsie and Toby are the littlest bears in the day camp. They are fraternal twins; Tootsie, the lavender bear, is a girl and Toby, the green bear, is a boy.

Moe is a bit of a clown. He loves to make other bears laugh. He knows lots of jokes and magic tricks.

Gramps is a great story-teller. The baby bears favorite part of the day is when Gramps comes to visit. They love his stories about growing up in the forest.

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reluctantMANGO said...

How cute! Sorry I missed the show, but I had to work this weekend. I hope things went well!