Saturday, March 3, 2007

It's a beautiful Saturday

It is! Warm (for a Delaware March, anyway), sunny, clear-skied...... I feel happier than I have in days! Darn the winter blues!

Despite a raging cold, I decided to take advantage of the day, if only for a short while. I donned a jacket, and, armed with paint brush, varnished the desk and chair set that I carefully sanded last weekend. It looks great (if I do say so myself), but it also looks as if I have really thirsty wood. I mean, there are parts that look dry ALREADY, and I know it's not THAT warm. So I think I may have to do another coat next weekend. But I'm getting closer to having all my display furniture ready for the craft show season. Good thing, too, since my first show of this year is just 3 weeks away!

On other news, the newsboy hat is nearly complete. It is only missing a brim, which I plan to finish tomorrow. And I'm also nearly done knitting a little girls' caplet in white ribbon yarn and edged in wonderful fuzzy blue/green yarn. It will be perfect for those upcoming spring days. I'll post pics tomorrow; I'm just not in the mood to drag out my camera today.

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